Visa’s Everywhere Initiative in the Middle East and North Africa

Description: Participate for a chance to win up to USD 50,000 to support a development programme with Visa.

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Everywhere Initiative Challenges in the Middle East and North Africa

Wherever you want to be, Visa helps you get there. Coming to the Middle East and North Africa region for the first time, Visa’s Everywhere Initiative offers Startups a chance to win up to USD 50,000 to support a development program with Visa, or through a business partnership with Visa’s partners.

Acceptance Challenge

How can startups leverage Visa Developer APIs for either:

- Enabling smaller merchants to accept payments in-store digitally OR
- Providing a safe and secure solution for online merchants to drive   eCommerce and reduce cash on delivery?

The Brief

Visa’s leading digital payments technology enables millions of consumers across the globe to pay with a single click online or a wave of their hand at in store POS terminals. These are much faster, more efficient and more secure alternatives to paying by cash. Can we challenge ourselves to do even more? This challenge invites startups to use Visa’s payment APIs innovatively in conjunction with new concepts and other upcoming technology, for enabling smaller merchants to accept digital payments in store or driving eCommerce for online merchants through a much better digital alternative to cash on delivery.

Airport Transit Challenge

How can startups leverage Visa Developer APIs, mobile technologies and connected devices to transform their transit experience at airports?

The Brief

When flying to another destination, the journey doesn’t start in the plane. It starts when the car comes to pick you up and take you to the airport. From that point onwards until the time you reach your destination, each moment represents an opportunity to transform your consumer experience.

From checking in, to relaxing in the business lounge, to shopping/eating during transit and being directed to your gate, this is an opportunity for startups to re-imagine the airport transit experience for holiday and business travelers alike.

Loyalty Challenge

How can startups make it easier for consumers to select the right Visa card for their purchases and be notified about the right Visa offers and benefits at the right time?

The Brief

Whether travelling across the globe or shopping for groceries at your local supermarket, Visa provides its cardholders with numerous offers and benefits. With so many privileges, cardholders can become overwhelmed and may find it hard to make their purchase decisions. This challenge is a call to action for startups to guide and transform the purchase experience of cardholders by ensuring they get the right information when it matters

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