Product Innovation

For every life and lifestyle
From the first credit card to mobile payments, Visa’s product innovations have had a profound impact on the everyday lives of consumers around the world. Visa’s innovation leadership means extending the benefits of electronic payments to more people in more places where and when they want them — whether they choose traditional cards, Visa payWave-enabled cards or smart phones with Visa mobile payment functionality.

Technology at the center of innovation
Visa’s remarkable products are powered by another Visa innovation: VisaNet, the world’s largest and most advanced payments network. VisaNet is the engine that helps drive the global economy by connecting 2 billion cards, millions of acceptance locations, 1.9 million ATMs and 15,100 financial institutions around the world. Not only does VisaNet deliver transaction processing but it enables a number of value-added services that provide benefits such as risk management and information services and ensures that Visa payments are fast, convenient, reliable and secure.

Global Shift to Digital Payments
The convergence of the internet and mobile technologies are creating new demands for electronic payments. Today, consumers want the ability to easily pay online, via mobile phone or in social networking/gaming environments. Similarly, merchants are looking to payments companies to provide the innovation and leadership needed to keep pace with these rapid developments. From creating one of the first general-purpose credit cards 50 years ago to introducing a new, secure, by Visa, designed to work in any commerce environment, Visa continues to innovate in ways that improve the everyday lives of people globally. Some recent Visa innovations include:

  • Money Transfer — Visa simplifies the way people send and receive money.  Through Visa’s global business network of 15,100 financial institutions and 2 billion cards in market, Visa can deliver secure and convenient money transfers, both domestically and cross-border.
  • Mobile — The increasing sophistication of mobile technology and growing consumer demand for mobile services represent a burgeoning opportunity for Visa’s innovation culture. Visa is actively collaborating with mobile and financial industry leaders to deliver the next generation of mobile payment and related services.
  • eCommerce — More consumers choose Visa credit, debit or prepaid products to make online purchases than any other payment method. As the leading payment choice for eCommerce, Visa is trusted by consumers when it comes to paying for goods and services online. Innovations like Verified by Visa extend Visa’s trust and convenience across the entire online shopping process.
  • Chip Technology — Microchips embedded in Visa cards — some requiring no physical “swipe” to process a transaction — are delivering an era of enhanced security and increased transaction speed. Visa payWave, Visa’s contactless feature, is already transforming public transit, vending machines and parking lots by offering faster, more convenient transactions and enhanced security.
  • by Visa — Designed to support the evolving ways and places people are transacting, will offer a secure way for consumers to pay online as well as in person, with PC, tablet or mobile devices using Visa and non-Visa accounts. will also provide features beyond payments such as transaction alerts and the ability to receive personalized offers triggered in real time.