Visa Purchasing

Simplify your company’s purchasing process, reduce paperwork, and save time and money with the Visa Purchasing card.

For small to medium-size business expenditures, the Visa Purchasing card is the right solution for medium-size companies and multinational corporations using traditional methods of generating, tracking, and reconciling purchases.

It is also ideal for organizations looking to reduce costs by streamlining their purchasing and accounting processes and maximize efficiencies in procurement and enterprise solutions.

Here’s how your company can benefit from using the Visa Purchasing card

  • More convenience, less paperwork
  • Cost savings
  • More control over spending
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Worldwide acceptance

More convenience, less paperwork
Using the Visa Purchasing card reduces the need for requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, and checks. With the appropriate front-end controls in place, employees are empowered to make purchases without multiple levels of approval and time-consuming paperwork.

Cost savings
Visa Commercial Solutions can help you streamline business processes and reduce costs. A company can save an average of US$8 to $27 per transaction in processing costs when moving to purchasing card processing.  (Source: Aberdeen Group, 2006)

More control over spending
Companies using the card can easily monitor and control expenses and set spending limits with suppliers, allowing for greater leverage to negotiate discounts. In addition, you can maintain control of employee spending without having to manually approve each transaction.

Detailed reporting and analysis
Visa’s reporting solutions allow you to review your transaction details. Transaction reports can be selected to meet specific business requirements. Data can be fed into your accounting system, providing the most current and accurate information for analyzing purchasing expenditures.

Worldwide acceptance
The Visa Purchasing card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide and throughout the Visa global ATM network.  Best of all, you can use the card to purchase everything from office supplies and computers to business services such as catering and employment agencies.

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