Visa Business

Developed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses, the Visa Business card is an easy way to separate company and personal expenses, manage business and travel spending, and simplify bookkeeping.

The Visa Business card is a solution for:

  • Small businesses, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and sole proprietors
  • Business owners looking to separate their company expenses from their personal expenses
  • Businesses that want a convenient and easy-to-use payment method for goods and services

Here’s how your business can benefit from using the Visa Business card:

  • Greater financial control
  • Purchasing flexibility
  • Online convenience
  • Tax savings
  • Valuable services and protection
  • Detailed reporting
  • Worldwide acceptance

Greater financial control
With the Visa Business card, you can take greater control of your business spending. Track expenses by category; issue cards to key employees, set spending limits, and better manage your company’s cash flow.

Purchasing flexibility
You no longer need to depend on cash or checks. The Visa Business card can be used for your company’s expenses including office supplies, furniture, computers and software, travel and entertainment, and more.

Online convenience
The Visa Business card makes it easy to purchase goods and services electronically. Save time by buying office supplies and booking your business travel online.

Tax savings
Since the card is used solely for business purposes, finance charges may be tax deductible, depending on your market.

Valuable services and protection
You’ll benefit from Visa services such as travel and medical assistance. Emergency cash and card replacement are also available. Primary auto rental insurance is available in selected markets.

Detailed reporting
With the Visa Business card, you’ll be able to easily monitor your business spending and account balances. You’ll receive detailed accounts of all transactions, including date, place of purchase, and amount spent, along with annual statement summaries for tax purposes.
Worldwide acceptance

Let your customers know you accept Visa
Learn how best to communicate that you accept Visa cards and/or mobile payments with Visa. Download the Visa POS Graphic for display at physical locations, on payment terminals and on websites.

Click here to download guidelines and artwork

The Visa Business card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide and throughout the Visa global ATM network.