Visa Multinational Reporting

Designed as a support tool for Visa Commercial Solutions, Visa Multinational Reporting provides multinational corporations with a faster and better way to automate and keep procurement expenditures under control.

Visa Multinational Reporting is a solution for multinational organizations currently using or planning to use Visa Commercial Solutions to manage company spending.

Ideal for international corporations that want a comprehensive, secure, and affordable system for reporting and analyzing their expenditures worldwide, the Visa Multinational Reporting gives companies easy-to-use, web-based tools to manage their global payment transaction data.

Here’s how your organization can benefit from Visa Multinational Reporting:

  • Improved management reporting
  • Cost savings
  • Easy-to-use, web-based tools
  • Flexible scheduling of online reports
  • Data consolidation
  • Employee travel and expense compliance

Improved management reporting
Depending on your needs, select from over 20 standard reports designed to help you analyze and manage your expenses and suppliers more effectively. Choose from general supplier reports, travel and entertainment management reports, and more.

Cost savings
This comprehensive, yet affordable, system saves you time and money by simplifying the reporting process, reducing administrative expenses, and giving you greater control over your company’s expenditures, both locally and globally. Plus, you can use Visa Multinational Reporting to analyze your company’s spending with key suppliers to negotiate better pricing.

Easy-to-use, web-based tools
This user-friendly, web-based system gives you secure access to your global payment transactions and makes it easy to analyze your spending and create and view reports online.

Flexible scheduling of online reports
The flexible scheduling engine allows receipt and delivery of data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Data consolidation
Transaction data is automatically collected, validated, reformatted, and delivered in the proper format for companies using the Visa Multinational Reporting platform. In addition, transaction data from multiple business units can be consolidated using a common "reporting currency," allowing you to more accurately analyze and manage expenditures across your organization.

Employee travel and expense compliance
Visa Multinational Reporting lets you monitor employee travel and expense compliance, allowing you to better control expenditures.