Visa Corporate

Visa Corporate is the ideal way for multinational corporations to provide employees with the convenience and spending power they need to pay for their travel and entertainment expenses locally and worldwide.

A comprehensive solution combining card issuance, worldwide acceptance, value-added services, and cash access, Visa Corporate gives you the tools to control and automate your travel and entertainment expenditures in offices around the world while obtaining greater efficiencies negotiating with vendors globally.

Here’s how your multinational corporation can benefit from Visa Corporate:

  • More convenience, less paperwork
  • Greater financial control
  • Centralized management
  • Reporting
  • Enhanced Data Services
  • Online convenience
  • Valuable services and protection

More convenience, less paperwork
Employees are empowered to make purchases without multiple levels of approval and time-consuming paperwork. Visa Corporate provides a payment solution that eliminates the need for cash advances and checks prior to travel.
Greater financial control

Your company will be able to track travel and entertainment expenses, monitor vendor charges, and establish individual employee spending limits, both locally and globally. In addition, you’ll have access to detailed transaction information, which can be used to negotiate discounts with vendors and manage employee compliance with corporate travel policies.

Centralized management
A lead bank chosen by your company provides a single point of contact to support your program globally. At the same time, local partner banks provide financial services to your local offices and employees around the world.

Transaction data can be fed directly into your automated expense management and accounting systems, allowing you to create reports and analyze corporate travel and entertainment expenditures from your offices around the globe. For even more detailed tracking of expenditures, you can have access to the Visa Reporting Solutions.

Enhanced Data Services
Get access to consolidated management data, along with transaction details, to more effectively manage and control your company travel and entertainment expenses.

Online convenience
With Visa Corporate, booking travel online is easy. The card provides your employees with an easy and secure way to pay for travel and entertainment services.

Valuable services and protection
Your employees will benefit from Visa services such as travel, medical and legal referral assistance. Emergency cash and card replacement are also available. Primary auto rental insurance is available in selected markets.