Visa Purchasing

Visa Purchasing offers your multinational corporation a simple solution to the complex purchasing process. It allows you to replace your traditional purchase order and payment process with a simpler procurement system that can reduce paperwork and save you time and money.

Visa Purchasing is a solution for multinational corporations looking for greater efficiencies in controlling and automating purchasing expenditures across borders. Visa Purchasing gives your company a comprehensive global payment solution that combines multinational card issuance, worldwide acceptance, and data management.

Here’s how your multinational corporation can benefit from Visa Purchasing:

  • More convenience, less paperwork
  • Global cost savings
  • Centralized management
  • Reporting
  • Worldwide acceptance

More convenience, less paperwork
Visa Purchasing provides a global payment solution that reduces the need for requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, and checks. Employees are empowered to make purchases without multiple levels of approval and time-consuming paperwork.

Global cost savings
Multinational corporations using Visa Purchasing can gain more control over expenses, reduce administration costs, and streamline management of purchasing expenditures, both locally and globally. In addition, by consolidating expenditures across multiple countries, you’ll have greater leverage to negotiate global discounts with key suppliers and brokers.

Centralized management
A lead bank chosen by your company provides a single point of contact to support your program globally. At the same time, local partner banks provide financial services to your local offices and employees around the world.

Transaction data can be fed into your accounting system, allowing you to create reports and analyze expenditures from your offices around the globe using the most current and accurate information. In addition, you’ll have access to Visa Information Management Solutions, which include Enhanced Data Services and Visa Multinational Reporting for even more detailed tracking of your company’s purchasing expenditures.

Worldwide acceptance
Visa Purchasing is welcome at millions of locations worldwide and throughout the Visa global ATM network.  Best of all, your employees can use the card for purchasing everything from office supplies and computers to business services such as catering and employment agencies.

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