An innovator from the start
From the creation of one of the first general-purpose credit cards 50 years ago to the latest in mobile payments person-to-person payments and international remittances, Visa has always been an innovator. Visa’s fundamental approach to innovation focuses on enhancing our current product platforms and extending the utility of our products and services to new merchant segments and geographies. Visa innovations enable more people in more places to enjoy the benefits of electronic payments at any time, in any location, using a multitude of devices.

Creating value
Our suite of payment products provides greater value than cash, checks or alternative forms of payment. This spirit of innovation pays dividends over the long term, allowing Visa to grow transaction volume, extend our leadership, enhance our brand, expand our network and, ultimately, deliver greater client and shareholder value.

Spurring growth
Visa’s spirit of innovation extends to our clients and their customers. Visa innovations have the potential to stimulate economic growth, spur business innovation, increase efficiency and potentially improve the vitality of developing communities and countries.

Visa's next generation payments
The convergence of the internet and mobile technologies are creating new demands for electronic payments. Today, consumers want the ability to easily pay online, via mobile phone or in social networking/gaming environments. Similarly, merchants are looking to payments companies to provide the innovation and leadership needed to keep pace with these rapid developments. From creating one of the first general-purpose credit cards 50 years ago to introducing a new, service, by Visa, designed to work in any commerce environment, Visa continues to innovate in ways that improve the everyday lives of people globally.

Product innovation