Visa Prepaid

Visa Prepaid cards have all the benefits you would expect from Visa and are simple and convenient to use — even if you do not have a bank account or an established banking history.

With a Visa prepaid card, you can only use the amount loaded onto it, which helps to control spending. Prepaid cards are a safer alternative to gift vouchers, checks or cash and can be used at millions of shops and other outlets around the world.

Simply request a card, provide the money to be loaded on to it - and it is ready to use.

Send money home – A Visa prepaid card makes it easy to support your family and friends in your home country or to send allowances to a relative studying abroad. You can choose when to top up the recipient’s card, which can then be used anywhere.

Pay for your trip – A prepaid travel card enables you to keep your travel expenses separate from your other expenses. It also offers an easy and safe alternative to carrying large amounts of cash for people who do not have a traditional bank account or an international payment card.

Teach your child money management – You can give your children allowances and teach them to manage their money with a Visa prepaid card, because they can only spend the amount that you transfer to the card account.

Give the perfect gift – Visa gift cards are the ideal way to give or send someone a present. They are accepted everywhere you see the relevant Visa sign and the lucky recipients can choose exactly what they want. Unlike a check, a gift card does not have to be banked and can be used immediately


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